Who’s taking my photos?

I’m Cassie, the one behind the camera! I am rarely a serious person, I love to be silly and goofy to get out the best, genuine smiles. I am a lover of art and travel which is where my love for adventure photography started! Mountains, oceans, farms, rivers, jungles, waterfalls,  Canoe down a beautiful canal, caves, whatever the adventure I am up for it! 
My own adventure includes 4 beautiful children and one hunky husband. We are quite the adventurous family, together we live full time on the road in our RV traveling the nation capturing beautiful families and experiences everywhere! We’ve hiked up mountains, explored caves, 2 week camping trip around NY state praying and exploring and the adventures continue daily! I have a love for teaching and a heart for giving which is where my photography courses come in place! I have crazy faith in God with even crazier stories of His unfailing love. I plan to see the world and capture the beauty of the people inside it. The moments that become fuzzy in your mind, with time. A photo is like a time capsule, grasping a memory in it’s wholeness without fading. The editing is what brings out the emotion and pulls on your heart when you relive that day through photographs. Photography is a creative outlet for me, it is my art work. I will never give you a raw or unedited file because that is an artist handing you their unfinished canvas. I love to bring imagination into reality, I am certain my kids think I am magic… for now. 
I am constantly working at bringing the most creative perspectives, and editing to the clients who choose to work with me.